Cross-Channel Art

The cross-channel customer experience is important to every brand because customers interact with your brand in all areas. Online these channels could include websites, blogs, social media sites and web advertising. Offline, channels may include printed resources, product packaging, printed materials and presentations for customer and networking events. We call these touch points. Now, more than ever, each touch point must have a consistent brand message in order to connect with your customers. Since you don’t know when and where your customers will interact with your brand you need to be prepared for them across all channels.

Every touch point is an opportunity to create a high quality, integrated and seamless experience for your customers.

Macland Artworks works with you to take your art across channels. Your brand imagery, colors and fonts need to be unified. We call this the art. Cross-Channel Art SM reinforces the visual experience customers have with your brand. We believe the more consistent the experience, the stronger the brand.

Macland Artworks offers two cross-channel art packages. Our Social Media Starter and Social Media +One. With our starter package, we take your brand’s marketing message and art to one of the most popular social media channels, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. If you’ve already established your first social media channel while working with Macland Artworks and you want to add additional ones, choose the Social Media +One for each social media channel you would like to add.

Project Consultations

We offer a project consultations. During our initial consultation, we ask a number of detailed questions that allow us to learn about your company, brand and goals. Once we have the answers in hand, we put together a proposal that outlines the best course of action for your cross-channel marketing plan and art.